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Today’s top brands and agencies are constantly in search of “the bridge” to top talent and innovative services.

Additionally, today’s top talent and innovative service providers are looking to align themselves with authentic brands and agencies that will take their businesses to the next level.

At Coalition Space we focus on providing services to our clients that address and solve their business objectives through our Coalition of experts and then connect both sides via the bridge to create new revenue models.

We believe that when our clients are educated in a timely and knowledgeable manner it establishes a competitive advantage within their vertical markets. The following are three services we offer to fulfill that mission statement.

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Providing Strategic Counsel via Collaboration

When we advise start-ups and talent it's based on their ability to be pioneers in their business verticals, from there the service is customized to each client by collaborating to determine the objectives that need and can be achieved together. 

We then establish and leverage our deeper knowledge of both the start-up and talent eco-systems in a multitude of cross functional and multidisciplinary expertise categories - strategy, content, innovation, investment and partnerships. 

Finally, we match the client's objectives with the "advisor" appointed expertise categories to achieve a successful relationship.

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Engineering Rapid and Accurate Road Maps

By definition, a blueprint is the negative of a technical drawing that highlights the positive elements of a solid structure.

At Coalition Space we believe there are no negatives in business, instead there is positive space that surrounds challenging areas.

The BluePrint service is a custom immersion audit of one or more expertise categories within Space that helps discover the challenging areas for a client and then turn them into positive opportunities via a custom report and road map that help the client achieve their objectives.

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Providing Full-Time Dedicated Support

Once the relationship is established with a client through the Advisor and/or BluePrint service(s) we offer several full-time consultancy roles that build upon the expertise categories and objectives that were addressed in the prior service offering.

The consultant service is typically focused on year long objectives or major campaigns // events.