Matthew Murray started Coalition Space in 2014 to leverage his experience of launching start-ups and managing Fortune 500 company’s sales and marketing initiatives. Today, there is a strong demand for start-ups to gain the success of established brands. In reverse, established brands are looking to connect with the niche audiences that start-ups capture so well. 

At the intersection of start-ups and big business is where Coalition Space’s expertise in both business stages has produced tangible return for our clients. We provide our clients a path to grow at an accelerated rate allowing them to maintain a competitive advantage in market.


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We focus on clients that have unique IP and are looking to grow in areas that our services can produce the best results. Whether you are a start-up with the next big thing or an established brand looking to launch a new product or campaign, you fall into our wheelhouse of helping you exceed your goals. Our strongest expertise is identifying a brand’s message to then help the brand produce creative storytelling and launch in market.


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We partner with our clients by first understanding their needs through a BluePrint, and then, establishing our relationship around one of two roles - advisor or agency. 

No matter what stage your business is in, Coalition Space is well versed in supporting your needs and objectives. We help our clients think big while also digging in to increase efficiencies.


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Engineering Rapid & Accurate Road Maps

By definition, a blueprint is the negative of a technical drawing that highlights the positive elements of a solid structure. At Coalition Space, we believe there are no negatives in business. Instead, there are positive spaces that surround challenging areas of your business. The BluePrint process is a custom immersion audit that discovers the challenging areas for a client that are turned into positive opportunities via a custom report and road map.


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Providing Strategic Counsel

When working with start-up clients in the advisor role, we take a mentor approach in guiding you to achieve your goals. Our objective is to establish your ability to be pioneers in your business vertical through our experience of managing start-ups and building out businesses in fortune 500 companies. From there, our services are customized to each client by collaborating together to determine the brand objectives that need to be achieved.


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Providing Dedicated Support

Our agency model delivers access to deeper levels of our expertise over an established period of time. Once the relationship is established with a client through the BluePrint process, we offer several agency core services that build upon the objectives that were mapped out. We typically focus on year long objectives, major campaigns and/or events.


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Our core services spread across the four specific areas of Strategy, Creative, Investments & Partnerships. Specific teams are assembled for each service based on the network of industry experts that have worked with Coalition Space.

    •     Strategy - across all sectors of the business

    •     Creative - from campaigns to content assets

    •     Investments - funding for seed and series A

    •     Partnerships - brands, talent and media


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